From nutritious dinners to simple snacks, these easy-to-prepare meals will keep your kids physically and mentally strong.

How to keep lunch boxes interesting


Children get hungry during school time and so it’s important to make sure that there is enough food to sustain them throughout the day. 

Unfortunately, they also get bored of certain foods quickly and can be quite fussy, so the more interesting and exciting you can make their lunch boxes the better. 

Here are a few ideas to try this year:

  • Don’t only use one type of bread, mix it up throughout the week using whole grain, plain white, rolls, rye etc
  • Don’t only use sandwich ham, cheese or spreads on sandwiches – cut up leftover meat from the night before and add sauces like mayonnaise to make chicken mayo, for example.
  • Try and incorporate at least one fruit and veg with their lunch. Use fruit that is easy to eat like bananas or dried fruit if you have to. Ask them what their favourite veggie is and add some of that too.
  • Nuts, trail mix, cheese wedges or a dip for the veggies can also be an exciting add-on to any lunchbox.  You can make your own trail mix by mixing crunchy cereals with nuts and dried fruit.  
  • Try and add something different every day
  • Pack in a small yoghurt with a spoon or a drinking yoghurt.  
  • This not only contributes to their daily calcium intake but also gives them the good tummy bacteria they need.
  • If you pack in fruit juice then make sure it is 100% fruit and not packed with sugar – you don’t want them going back into class on a sugar high which will make it difficult for them to concentrate and could make them fidgety.