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School Club is an influential and dynamic public-private educational platform. It reaches over two million learners and their families each year. Workbooks, posters, recognition stickers, certificates and other learner, teacher and support materials are provided to schools for free through this programme.


For over 50 years, we’ve believed that doing good is good business. Because we’ve known from day 1 that caring for our people, serving our customers, and participating in the communities we work and live in isn’t just a part of our business; it is our business. People n Planet is our commitment to reduce the impact we have on the environment and increase the one we have on every life we touch; our promise to take bigger steps and leave smaller footprints.

We know it’s a task that is bigger than any one of us. Which is why we invite you to join us as we partner together to create a better tomorrow.

Our Environment

Learning environments play an important role in a learner’s success. Schools can boost learner achievement by improving their learning environments and parents can now support their children in their learning career.

Schools and parents can use this platform to build better academic and learning performance. School Club provides a wide range of online learning resources for public and private school learners. Its extensive resource offering includes more than 10 000 pages of CAPS-aligned resources including worksheets, lesson plans, assessments, videos, presentations and much more….all in one place! Learners learn best in environments that are cognitively stimulating, accessible, safe and hygienic.



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Happy World Youth Skills Day!

Happy World Youth Skills Day!

We’re celebrating World Youth Skills Day. The Covid-19 pandemic has contributed to youth unemployment reaching staggering heights. Is it vitally important, now more than ever, to equip our youth with skills that increase their employability and/or assist with...

Substance Abuse Awareness

Substance Abuse Awareness

The current COVID-19 pandemic has wreaked havoc and destruction across the world. The number of fatalities globally stands at more than 3 million cases. Thankfully, many countries have united to fight this pandemic. With the development and rollout of vaccines, the...

Music’s Role in Child Development   

Music’s Role in Child Development   

Happy World Music Day! Music is a big part of our culture and in our everyday lives. We are surrounded by music wherever we go. Music can be found playing in the elevators, on the radio, at your child's theatre class and school events. It also plays an integral part...

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