The Pick n Pay Hero Awards programme is now in its eleventh exciting year! The awards continue to be an integral component of Pick n Pay School Club to celebrate everyday acts of heroism, such as bravery, kindness and tolerance, taking place in South African schools. Heroes are not just people that we read about in the news; there are heroes all around us!

The Pick n Pay Hero Awards aim to identify acts of emotional intelligence, by ordinary learners and teachers that turn the person into an extraordinary hero. An emotionally intelligent person displays both self-awareness and awareness of others.

Duncan Jefthas, Lucian Bennett and Rhonwan November – Norwood Central Primary School

Pick n Pay School Club and Jabaar Mohamed, from DeafSA, visited Norwood Central Primary School to award Duncan Jefthas, Lucian Bennett and Rhonwan November for their act of...

Cameron Moos Kalkfontein Primary School

Pick n Pay School Club, together with Mastercard and Morgan Newman, surprised Kalkfontein Primary School for a special Pick n Pay Hero Awards handover. Morgan explained to the...

Jaydine Rudolf Wagenmakervallei Primary School

Pick n Pay School Club, together with Mastercard and Lucian Cupido, joined Cornal Hendricks Foundation at Wagenmakervallei Primary School to award the learners who participated...

Wassim Shaik Olympia Primary School

Pick n Pay School Club together with Mastercard and Molotsi Bouwer surprised a young learner, Wassim Shaik, at Olympia Primary School in KwaZulu-Natal. Wassim was recognised as a...

Pick n Pay School Club has identified the following categories to help schools identify their heroes:


  • Courage (being brave in the face of difficulty)
  • Selflessness (putting others first)
  • Kindness/Caring (to/for people, animals and the world/supportive of others)
  • Respectfulness (honouring other people and treating them with dignity and/or thinking and acting in a way that shows others you care about their feelings and their wellbeing)
  • Honesty (speaks truth and owns up when they make a mistake)
  • Team player (works well with others in the classroom, and plays fairly on the playground and in sports)
  • Environmental Awareness (this new category recognises learners who display care for the environment e.g. picking up litter and implementing the 3 R’s: Reduce, Reuse, Recycle)

Schools can follow these easy steps to implement the Pick n Pay Hero Awards in the school:

  • Be aware, and notice any heroic acts by learners, no matter how small they may seem. Any action that displays the qualities mentioned in the categories should not go unnoticed.
  • Each month – from March to September – reward the learner, whom you have identified as the Hero of the Month, with a certificate and badge (included in your Pick n Pay School Club kit), preferably at a gathering such as an assembly. Schools are encouraged to also invite their local Pick n Pay Customer Services Manager to hand over the award, with the local newspaper present.
  • Having identified the Hero of the Month, create two identical posters. The posters should include the learner’s picture, a brief description of his/her act of heroism and a direct quote from the learner. Place one of the posters in a high traffic area of the school, and mail the other poster to Pick n Pay School Club.
  • Schools may also send a copy of the poster to Pick n Pay stores, in their area, so that the heroes can be acknowledged for their heroic acts.


Have you identified a Hero in your school? 


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