We’re celebrating World Youth Skills Day. The Covid-19 pandemic has contributed to youth unemployment reaching staggering heights. Is it vitally important, now more than ever, to equip our youth with skills that increase their employability and/or assist with successful entrepreneurial ventures. Here are a few resources available to our youth:

  1. Pick n Pay School Club

Pick n Pay School Club provides curriculum-aligned resources to educators and learners. If your child’s school could benefit from additional educational content, consider approaching Pick n Pay School Club. Alternatively, you can register on the Pick n Pay School Club website to gain access to grade-specific, curriculum-aligned educational content for an annual fee. See how to register here.

  1. SA Youth Network

The SA Youth network gives access to learning and work opportunities for young people in different disciplines. It’s a 100% FREE opportunity for those affected by unemployment. It helps young South Africans through a range of services and work readiness training opportunities. You can sign-up for SA Youth Network here

You also don’t need data to access the SA Youth Network.

  1. Blackboard Africa

Blackboard Africa is a youth organisation founded to bridge the leadership gap amongst young people between the ages of 13 and 25, and to encourage and support them in creating solutions for Africa’s socio-economic challenges. They host high impact workshops and cover leadership, education and creativity. You can read more about Blackboard Africa here.

  1. GirlCode

GirlCode was established to encourage and nurture female coders. It aims to develop and deliver skills training programmes in the software development industry. They have online coding boot camps, a GirlCoder club and Hackathons. If you’re interested in the art of coding, read more about their upcoming initiatives and programmes on their website.

  1. JA South Africa

Formerly known as Junior Achievement South Africa, JA South Africa has been around for over forty years. They empower youth through practical entrepreneurial skills, financial literacy and work readiness. They offer programmes to learners in primary school, high school and out of school. You can view their programmes here.


Please Note: Due to the Covid-19 pandemic, some of the programmes listed may be on hold or have moved online. We encourage you to contact the organisations directly to learn how to become a part of it amidst the global pandemic.